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Vegas Young Professionals is the largest young professionals organization in Nevada. With about 1,800 members, it is the ideal organization to make new business contacts, gain a unique perspective on the Southern Nevada business community and further your professional development. Open to professionals between the ages of 21 and 39, VYP is FREE to join and a great way to build your network and become active in the Las Vegas community.


Planning for Financial Independence

Greta Seidman's picture

By Charles Whitby, Managing Director, EastGate Enterprises

As Vegas Young Professionals, why in the world would we talk about retirement? I don't like the term retirement. I imagine myself as old and grey. So, for the sake of phrasing, I will use the term financially independent. The first question you need to ask yourself on the road to financial independence is, when is the right time to think about becoming financially independent?


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