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By Alexis Elsethagen, VYP Events Committee Co-Chair

When operating a nonprofit organization, oftentimes you rely heavily on the support of volunteers. Like a business working to build a network of loyal customers, you’re looking for continual, unpaid time from these individuals. How do you ensure they come back? As great as your organization may be, the mission is not the only component to retaining volunteers. The three major components to ensuring volunteers return are motivation, culture, and recognition.

Steven Targoff moved to Las Vegas in 2011, and graduated from UNLV in 2013 with a major in Business Administration Entrepreneurship. Steven is a commercial real estate associate with Newmark Knight Frank and joined VYP in January 2017 to look for ways to expand his professional sphere of influence. He began attending VYP events and mixers in January 2017 and now serves as the co-chair of the VYP Events Committee, where he coordinates quality professional development events that add value to all VYP members who attend them.

Adair is the Advertising Manager at Greenspun Media Group and first joined VYP in 2016 to make more professional contacts. She loves VYP’s mission of helping connect young professionals in the community and currently sits on the VYP events committee. When Adair isn’t at VYP events, she is practicing her passion of AcroYoga at Body Shrine, running the @AcroYogaLasVegas Instagram account, & sitting on the board for the non-profit Yoga Haven, which provides free yoga programs to organizations that service victims of sexual, physical and psychological abuse.

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By Alexis Elsethagen, VYP Marketing Co-Chair

Walt Disney once said: “We keep moving forward, opening new doors and doing new things because we’re curious…and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” One magical day, I followed a path of chalked Mickey Mouse’s to a presentation that would forever change my life, career, and perspective on how to run a business. That mouse path led me to understanding the importance of high-level guest service and the responsibility every employee has in protecting a brand.

By Danica Torchin, VYP and Communications Coordinator, Las Vegas Metro Chamber

The moral foundation we have as adults is oftentimes shaped by the way we were raised. As children, we learn lessons that are supposed to become second-nature to us as adults, but sometimes, we forget the basics. There are many fundamental lessons that we should remember as adults that will help in developing your professional and personal character.

The Golden Rule

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Emily Hedlund is a wanderlust soul, creative personality, and an eclectic person that loves to travel, teach wine yoga, and live life to the fullest. She founded MintnHoney to make yoga accessible to everyone. From health and wellness retreats to corporate team building classes, MintnHoney offers beginner yoga that every body type can confidently try and enjoy. Discover yoga tutorials on Instagram @MintnHoneyTrvl, or tune in to what it means to “Yoga off the Mat” through MintnHoney’s Podcast.

By Danica Torchin ‘18

In life, we are taught that there are those who lead and those who follow. We have an idea of what a leader is in our heads and we work hard to exemplify all the strengths of a leader. And in the professional world, it’s hard to get ahead unless you take on leadership positions. It takes training, personal insights and practice to really become an effective manager. This is why the Leadership Advance program is so valuable.

By Matthew Lindsey- Entrepreneur & Las Vegas Young Professionals Marketing Chair

Many revered business leaders attribute their successes to the guidance and leadership of a mentor. Mentors can provide their mentees with valuable insights on the tricks of the trade, industry challenges, and the path to success.