The mission of Vegas Young Professionals is to connect its members with other young professionals, professional development opportunities, and the broader Las Vegas community. As a VYP member, you have already made a commitment to this organization, whether you’ve attended a Fusion Mixer, a Bigwig Lunch Time, or sat on one of VYP’s many committees. Thank you for your support of this program and your role in making it the premier young professionals organization in Nevada.

In addition to general VYP membership, VYP is excited to announce the launch of our VYP+ Membership. VYP+ is a $50 annual membership level for young professionals who are looking for more connections and a more opportunities to plug in to the VYP network.

As a VYP+ member, you’ll have access to:

  • The VYP database, an online resource available to you to stay connected with other VYP+ members, update your personal information, and register for all VYP events
  • An easier registration platform that securely stores your information for a more efficient process
  • Special pricing, as well as exclusive advanced notice and priority registration access, for all events, including Fusion Mixers, Bigwig Lunch Times, Community Conversations and VYP Excursions
  • More opportunities to develop relationships to VYP and the broader business community through VYP committees, which helps to expand your leadership capacity and professional development skills

The new VYP+ program rolled out on January 26, at Preview Las Vegas. If you are a current member of VYP, you can become a VYP+ member by logging in to the VYP portal with your login credentials and paying online at vegasyp.com. You can access your login credentials by contacting Danica Torchin, VYP Coordinator, at dtorchin@lvchamber.com. If you currently sit on a VYP Committee or are involved in VYP Toastmasters, you will have two options to retain your status on the committee. You can join VYP+ and have access to the membership benefits or pay an annual $25 administrative fee and be listed as a general member. If you have any questions about VYP+ membership, please contact Danica Torchin for more information about VYP membership.

VYP is here to connect you to the opportunities you need as a young professional to develop and grow. We will continue to have monthly Fusion Mixers, as well as our host of professional development programs, including the Bigwig Lunch Times and Community Conversations events. We thank you for your membership in VYP and hope to continue to see you at upcoming events and programs in 2018 as a VYP+ member.

If you have any questions about the new VYP membership structure, please contact Danica Torchin, VYP Coordinator, at dtorchin@lvchamber.com, or call 702.586.3834.