VYP Featured Member: Adam Kent, Precision 702 Property Maintenance

Adam Kent, Co-Founder, Precision 702 Property Maintenance

Adam moved to Las Vegas from the Gold Coast Australia in 2016, spending his last three years there as a business strategist and coach, working with hundreds of SME's in the trades & service sector. As co-founder of Precision 702 Property Maintenance, his company is responsible for taking care of maintenance needs, from honey-do lists to minor home remodels and repairs. Precision 702 believes that everything deserves precision, it’s that simple. Adam joined VYP because it’s the place where the future of the business community can come together to collaborate on a professional and personal level. When Adam isn't volunteering with VYP's Community Outreach Committee or mingling as a VYP Ambassador, he's spending his spare time with extended family and helping take care of his grandmother.